Tips on Remembering Names

In an office, there are many things you can do to irritate people but there are also many things you can do to make you a good worker. The key to a harmonious working relationship is respect. It means that you have to acknowledge that people have rights and deserve respect and privacy, regardless if they are your staff or superior. Given below are some tips in building a good working relationship at workplace.

Building good relations with staff

Forgetting or mispronouncing names during introductions is a very common problem among many people.  Knowing how to remember names and titles give out a very good lasting impression. Especially in large groups of people, the skill to remember names and faces merits admiration.

A person who is good at remembering names is often regarded as a professional and someone who has great social skills.

Like any other memorization skills, remembering names is a skill that can be obtained from constant practice until it becomes part of your nature.

Here are tips on remembering names effectively:

  • Focus and listen attentively. You cannot recall something you have never even heard of in the first place!
  • Write down the person’s name if you have a paper and pen with you.
  • Repeat the person’s name in your head many times.
  • Use the person’s name immediately. Either by introducing that new person to someone you already know or by using the person’s name in a conversation.
  • Find a word association or a rhyme with the person’s name, such as “Blake sounds like a lake.”

If you mispronounce a person’s name, just apologize and ask for the correct pronunciation. But this time, be sure to correctly say and remember the name!

If you are the one being introduced, you should also be responsible for making them remember your name.  Regardless of whether your name is easy or hard to remember, you may help the person introducing you by:

  • Providing word associations yourself
  • Giving a rhyming word
  • Giving a calling card
  • Telling a story why you were named as such.

If the person introducing you got your name wrong, do not get irritated in any way. Just thank the person who introduced you and say the correct version of your name.

Lastly, do not feel bad if somebody does not remember your name. Just reintroduce yourself.
I hope this post was useful for you. Don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comments.

Good luck!