Office Fashion for Women

Today’s post is dedicated to office fashion for women.
Women, isn’t it exciting to dress for the office, especially in casual days? Unless there’s an office dress code for women, you can wear what you want. But of course, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. Here are some office fashion tips for women:

1.)Do not be too flashy, flamboyant.

As much as possible, do not be too flashy or flamboyant, unless you are working for a fashion magazine. Being too flashy (wearing clothes with bright, varying colors) can cause discomfort to one’s eyes. It would be better to wear modest jewelry instead of something too shining.

Being too flamboyant (wearing too much over detailed accessories such as large earrings, outrageous hair) can make you look like a Christmas tree. Remember to keep your office fashion simple and sophisticated.
2.)    Avoid revealing clothes.

Avoid clothes which are revealing. You are in a business setting; not in a movie house, nor are you in a bar. Avoid clothes which are too tight or body-hugging, avoid skirts which are too short. Wearing these kinds of clothes will give people—especially men—a bad suggestion.

Now that you know these office fashion guidelines, the next question is asked “then what should I wear?” The following suggestions are given.

  • Start with the classic office chic attire: white long sleeved blouses with collar, dark V-neck jackets, pencil cut skirts (preferably black), twinsets, straight-cut pants, high quality leathered shoes, one black one brown.

The trick: wear your blouse with the pencil cut skirt and black shoes. Top with the jacket, and finish off by tying your hair into a ponytail or bun. Wear the twinsets with the straight cut pants and either pair of shoes. You can keep your hair down if you want to.

  • Colors state what you are. Black, white, and gray are colors that convey and suggest authority and intellect. Bright colors suggest friendliness and one’s skill for socializing. Pastel colors convey a soft, youthful nature, while deep colors give a calm effect.

Wear office clothes that fit you. No, you don’t have to be a size four, but your clothes need to fit you well. Do not wear super tight clothes, especially if you’re a wee bit on the size ten above. If you’re super thin, do not wear clothes which would make you look like a hanger.