Keeping Your Essay Simple

You have the five grabbers that we can possibly use okay so that’s five of them so what’s the next part now you’ve got a grabber I might say to you what the hell are you talking about what do you want to tell me you got my attention I’m curious what are you talking about this is where we come up with topic your topic is your subject okay so here hey this is the attention we want your attention.

Attention Kmart shoppers okay but now we want to know the subject what are you to talk about money sex drugs rock and roll Ezequiel don’t think yes there are things about Ezekiel you don’t know okay now topic is good but let’s just say something like I came up to you and said I am the richest man in Canada Galen Weston okay I am the richest man in Canada you’re going to say James prove it how do I know you were the richest man in Canada hmm well for this I’m gonna have to give you reasons if I don’t have reasons for saying what I’m going to say why would you believe me you’re going to say I don’t think so.

I need to give you reasons now to keep it simple I’m going to say let’s talk about three reasons you could have  reasons you could have two you want to have more than one okay when I talked about the five paragraph essay I talked about introduction the body and I said three main reasons and then I said conclusion so we’re going to stick with that formula okay so let’s say we have three reasons they can be any reasons you want but they should be related back to the topic I say this because of that okay right another thing we can say that would be main ideas all right they’re going to end up being your main ideas when I’m there will be a second part to this which will be based on the body and we’re gonna take these reasons and make them the main ideas in the body okay cool all right let’s keep going so you know there’s got to be another part to this.

So we have our reasons here and we list them one two three right number one number two number three okay now here’s the cool thing now notice I put one two and three reasons these are the first things that come to my mind but really when I put the word order over here you can make up the order what is stronger because when we have an essay what we want to do is start from the weakest idea and go to the strongest building right you start with a dollar you had to you had three you get more and more you don’t start with ten and go to one that’s weak right we want more so here when we put order you might put one two three here but you might say okay actually this should go first this should go second and this should go third so you can organize.