Job Interview Tips: Before the Interview

Below are tips on preparing for a job interview that will help you achieve what you’re aiming for:

  • Arrive early. Although you can easily get at the venue of the interview, make sure to allocate some minutes for unexpected delays such as pits stops or traffic. This is to make sure that you’ll be there on time. If you are not familiar with the office, get necessary information about it and have a map. Find out where to enter or exit. It will be better if you’ll pay a visit a day or two before the big day.
  • Find out the proper pronunciation of the name of your interviewer. This will give you a chance to practice saying her/his name the right way, especially if it’s difficult. You can ask around for this information.
  • Put your stuff in a clean folder. When I say “stuff”, I don’t mean your makeup kit, gadgets or whatsoever. I’m talking about some clean copies of your resume, reliable, quick-dry fountain pen, and a paper to write on. A leather portfolio for a folder can be a good choice.
  • Be pleasant to the person who assists you to find your interviewer. Be it the receptionist or the security guard, don’t forget to be nice. In case he/she is on the phone at that moment, patiently wait until they’re done. Avoid showing nervous ticks such as tapping your finger on the table or counter. Of course, these people are also working professional who deserves some respect from you. However, you need not be too friendly. Wait for the right cue from them. If they start the conversation, then go for it. If they are busy, don’t disturb them.
  • Wait patiently until your name is called for an interview. Yes, your interviewer must show up on time but you have to consider the fact that there must have important things that showed up which need his/her attention. And since you have cleared your schedule for that big day, I don’t think you have to throw a big fuss over spending a few more minutes waiting for your turn. Furthermore, this can be a great chance to review your answers to the interview questions.
  • Don’t drink, eat, smoke or chew gum on the premises of the company, unless they are offered.

That’s it! By having proper preparation before a job interview, you can have your exceptional day to go as smooth as you hope for. Just follow above job interview tips and you can get the position you’re aiming for in no time.