Great Lessons You Can Learn From Essay Writing

The Calkins’ writer’s workshop is a great teaching model to use with students. However, it takes a lot of time to go through each lesson, plan, and organize. The hard work has been done for you! Attached you will find cheat sheets for all of Bend 1 for the Literary Essay Writing Unit.

As teachers, we have limited time! When I was faced with teaching Calkins writing units, I felt overwhelmed by the information. There is a lot to read! This resource was created to help teachers save time when trying to implement Lucy Calkins writing units. This is not a replacement for her books (I do still recommend reading through each session as she has more information that you will find in the cheat sheet- almost like professional development) but these sheets provide an organized, step-by-step process for teaching each session.

What you will find:
materials needed
Goals for both teachers and students listed for each section
notes on how to present the lesson

Once downloaded, you can edit it as you see fit. The nice thing, is that all the hard work has been done for you, yet you are able to personalize it as needed! As you become more comfortable with the workshop model, you eventually will want to take Calkins’ examples and make them your own- which is easy to do when the outline of the lesson is already completed for you!

Take the fear out of essay writing help and empower your students by giving them the tools to comprehensively express their point of view. Our workbook provides clear and concise lessons about every stage of the writing process. Based on Bloom’s taxonomy we offer instruction about the four most common types of essays and provide review lessons about verbs, adjectives and pronouns. You can use this material to supplement your present writing program or for independent student work. Also included is a detailed implementation guide, student assessment rubric, word puzzles and comprehension quiz. The six color graphic organizers will assist the introduction of the skill focus and in guiding your students through their successful writing process.

This is an ENTIRE Writers’s Workshop Informational Essay Writing UNIT Grades 3-5 that will take you through 3 weeks of school (15 school days (15 lessons) that might last longer depending on your students). From Brainstorming to a Rubric to grade final pieces with, this has everything you need.