Divide Essay Question Into Parts

The question how many parts does that question have a useful strategy is to prepare your answer it could be an assignment topic or an exam paper just look at the question properly look at the question understand the question hi underline and highlight the key words and then make notes try to formulate a draft you should understand that essay writing is a test of exercising our skills in coming up with some style and form to explore the subject you should decide how the topic should be tackled by paying attention to the verbs okay verbs such as describe discuss debate analyze interpret assess compare evaluate so when it’s a comparison don’t neglect contrast don’t just highlight the points where there are similarities but you should also be able to contrast on the other on the other hand on the contrary using such signal words also give some indication of contrast and you know debate debate is argument for and against analyze giving your opinion well interpretation giving an in-depth point of view.

So things like these now it’s always important to research a topic remember that it’s investigation at this level of your academic life you have to be a good researcher so you need to or at least attempt to investigate a new work which the essay title specifies as your topic now this can’t be done in an exam situation but if it is an assignment or a term paper yes you need to do some research read the relevant material more than once in order to understand make notes based on that relevant material you can make your make those notes on your laptop and save them and read as much published criticism on the related subject if I give you a sample essay topic such as why math should be compulsory for all high school students then you should be able to okay and if the second part of the question is discussed let’s assume a question goes like some people feel that math should be compulsory for all high school students and there should be no option to choose either math or you know.

Science subjects some bolts do have this practice you you can you have the option of leaving maths so the question here is math should be compulsory whether you are taking the biology stream or math stream it should be compensated for all or even people who opt for art subjects and math should be compulsory so now how do you title a question like that if you are asked to discuss C you are supposed to go for and argue for and against remember that so you can say math enables us to understand the statistics used in various places it enables us to make sense of our economy medicine and law many competitive exams require maths without the capacity to deal with numbers we are always placed at a disadvantage and even later in your life let’s assume you are expected to calculate its interest on your savings and if you are not comfortable with mass you won’t be able to do it you will have to depend on others to do that.