Job Application Tips

Nowadays we do not only have to take a pen and fill an application form, but also take a computer and fill an online application. You should know that application forms are used to the company to know the applicants (you) better; they measure your writing skills, grammar, motivation and more. Remember that an application is the first impression you are giving of yourself, so try to be accurate and always dress properly.

Most of the jobs require applicants that can fit in, they must have the skills and the motivation they look for, there are those who require some particular degree too, but remember that there are skills that are appreciated by pretty much all employers, among them we can find:

  • Self Awareness: Know yourself; be conscious of your skills and strengths
  • Initiative: Employers like applicants that have initiative and independence
  • Teamwork: work on your teamwork skills; employers value people that can work into a group, listen to your colleagues, do your role
  • Flexibility: The capacity of people to adapt to new situations.
  • Foreign Languages
  • Computer Literacy: Nowadays computers are a primary tool to work, so it is important to know how to handle them

Some experts recommend being yourself and act naturally, nevertheless, some others say that is better that you leave a better impression of what you really are, anyway, do not talk too much and answer accurate and concise, talk only when your words are better than silence, do not be ashamed of bragging a bit about your accomplishments, and outstand the positive things you have, give concrete examples where you applied successfully your knowledge or where you performed them to a high level.

Regular Job Application

Remember that even if you are going to a company to just fill a form, your dressing’s still important, here you will find useful application tips to do well and have no problems during the process.

  • Before writing your personal information, be sure the order it has to be written, first name first, or last name
  • Make sure that the pen you are going to use works properly; it can be black or blue
  • Take with you copies of your resume
  • Read the entire application before starting to fill 
  •  Fill your application carefully, be accurate and avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Have handy the phone numbers, names and information about your references, remember to always ask for their permission before mentioning them
  • Answer all the questions, if you have doubts, ask the employer directly or call them by telephone.
  • Keep a copy of the application form to prepare for the interview.
  • If it is possible, ask someone else to read and check your application.
  • If you can, make clear the position you aspire.

Online Job Application

Online applications are getting more and more common, they usually ask very concise questions and sometimes they allow you to upload your resume, some resume editors and online application also allow to print them after sending them. Take a look at these useful online application tips to have no problems during the process.

  • Get familiarized with the system before beginning to fill the form
  • Be sure that you save the password and the username, both in case the company creates you an account or you create it by yourself
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes; you can use a text processor to correct your answers before sending them
  • Read carefully each question and answer the most accurate and concise you can
  • If you have to choose your answer between a range of options, make sure you choose the one that better fits with your skills and knowledge, keep in mind that some questions can be answered by checking more than an option (multiple-choice)

Honesty is very important for any type of job application and avoid negativity, if you do not know how to do something then show that you are someone who likes learning new things, if you think you must take a while to answer some question then do it, is better than just saying or writing the first thing that comes to your mind, do not look desperate, remember that for employers desperate means cheaper, take special care about the skills that the company looks for and emphasize on the skills that you have, and always say thanks after an interview. Applying for a new job can be a stressful experience, but remember that everybody goes through it and everybody makes mistakes too, improve yourself, your skills and your knowledge, follow these application tips and get the job you are looking for.