5 Essential Resume Tips

Do you need a few resume writing tricks to jumpstart your job seeking adventure? Look no further!
A job hunter can never get enough good advice as far as content goes, but recruiters won’t even read what you have to say unless your resume looks like it’s worth the time.
Listed below are five secrets to stellar resume creation that top the charts in terms of visibility – these tips will make your resume easier for employers to read and understand, immediately improving your chances of snagging the interview of your dreams!
1. Place contact information in a prominent location.
You would be shocked at how many applicants forget to provide contact information with their resume, and what’s even more surprising is how many applicants hide their contact information in an obscure location. Move your phone number and email address right to the top of the page – recruiters don’t waste time on wild goose chases.
2. Use white space to your advantage.
As far as resume tips and tricks go, this little gem is vastly underappreciated. White space is critical to the appearance, flow, and readability of your resume. If you ever need more room just edit out a few of the lesser important facts about yourself – white space is much too important to sacrifice.

3. Write with strong action words, eliminate pronouns.
Pronouns make a resume appear cluttered and unfocused. Phrases like “I am”, “I did”, or “we completed” offer absolutely no value to the content – instead of saying “I managed a team of twenty” just cut it down to “managed a team of twenty”. Small changes can make a big difference.
4. Re-read the job description.
Recruiters spend about thirty seconds skimming a resume before they decide whether to save or scrap your hard work. In those thirty seconds, a recruiter will be looking for something very specific: a match. If the job description repeats the same words multiple times it should be obvious that it’s important. If the job posting uses the word “lead” several times, you had better have “leadership” somewhere in your final resume writing template.
5. Provide solutions.
Employers don’t really want to know about your experience, interests, or skills – all they want to know is how you are going to use those qualities to provide solutions. Don’t just brag about how good you are at your job, give real numbers and facts that reflect the results of your efforts.
So, are you ready to dust off that old resume to make some basic improvements? A few minutes of effort can save you months of job hunting. These resume tips will help get your hard work read – which is a lot farther than the majority of resumes make it!