Keeping Your Essay Simple

You have the five grabbers that we can possibly use okay so that’s five of them so what’s the next part now you’ve got a grabber I might say to you what the hell are you talking about what do you want to tell me you got my attention I’m…

5 Essential Resume Tips

Do you need a few resume writing tricks to jumpstart your job seeking adventure? Look no further! A job hunter can never get enough good advice as far as content goes, but recruiters won’t even read what you have to say unless your resume looks like it’s worth the time….

Job Application Tips

Nowadays we do not only have to take a pen and fill an application form, but also take a computer and fill an online application. You should know that application forms are used to the company to know the applicants (you) better; they measure your writing skills, grammar, motivation and…

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

Back in the day, your guideline for dressing for an interview was very simple: dress formally. Whether you will be the host or the visitor, it is important that you observe the proper etiquette. The right social graces and manners will definitely reflect your character, and of course your company….

Office Fashion for Women

Today’s post is dedicated to office fashion for women. Women, isn’t it exciting to dress for the office, especially in casual days? Unless there’s an office dress code for women, you can wear what you want. But of course, there are some guidelines to keep in mind. Here are some…